Stock Loans
We offer a unique solution to short term cash flow issues while taking into consideration the long term picture of portfolio and asset management.

Loans For Stock truly does offer one of the most innovative financing alternatives in today's ever changing fiscal landscape. 

Many hardworking people maintaining a portfolio of equities find today they are "stock rich" but "cash poor."

Until now, the only alternative has been to sell a significant portion of the stock which company officers and key employees have obtained by virtue of years of hard work.  

For a variety of reasons, the actual sale of these shares would be unadvisable.  For one, the hard won Equity position in the company would not be maintained. 

The goal in being part of an emerging company is to participate significantly in its growth.  Why suffer through the initial growing pains if you are unable to enjoy the rewards at the appropriate later time?  Reaping the harvest of time + effort + drive is the reason why stock and/or stock options are offered as an incentive to begin with.  

The goal is the Preservation of one's financial position.

However, life intrudes.  The day-to-day realities encroach upon our long term goals.  Buying a home, paying for school or medical emergencies, it all requires Liquidity.  Now. 

Loans For Stock offers a practical financing solution without the sale of your asset, without triggering a capital gains event, and without compromising your ability to continue to participate in further growth and appreciation of your assets. 

We can help you unlock the power of equity in your stock today while preserving your long term position tomorrow.